Present jewelry items like a professional with these photography tips

Product photography is a genre that needs time and patience to master art. When it comes to presenting reflective products, such as watches, sunglasses and metal objects, advanced skills are required. With the right set of skills and lighting settings, you can click on commendable images for all to see.

You do not need to spend a lot of money, you can display jewelry products in the comfort of your home. Let's look at the tips to present jewelry items like a professional:


To load products into online portals, it is essential to create good product images. It is possible either by clicking on the dazzling images or applying photo editing techniques such as photo retouching, clipping path, creating shadows, etc. But before moving on to these methods, I would like you to read this section. Jewelry products are the most critical, so backlighting plays an important role when recording reflective items.

Take the jewelry item you want to upload and then set up a backlight stage. Place the light source directly behind the product and wait for the light to shine to highlight important parts of the product. Once you do, you can click on the image with a DSLR camera and, if the light does not highlight the product, place the light source to highlight the natural curves.

Camera settings

The next thing to keep in mind is the configuration of the camera, ie, ISO, diaphragm and white balance, etc. In addition to the lighting settings, you must ensure that the camera is correctly configured to obtain the most outstanding results. Even if the lighting setting is adequate, without the correct camera settings, it can not produce beautiful photos.

Adjust the white balance according to the light source you are using. For example, if you are using a whiteboard in the backlight source, you should go to the camera settings accordingly. Turn on the flash settings and choose a defined part of the subject to focus on. But if you're not sure, look for automatic white balance.
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Edit the image in the post production

Once you have finished with the session, it is time to see if the images look good or not. Zoom into the image and check for flaws or bad reflections that can ruin the entire appearance of the jewelry item. Look for spots, spots that get in the way of photos and try to eliminate them in the post-production phase.

Sometimes, funds are distracted so in that case, you should consider cutting a photo or removing the background to get rid of it. Apart from that, it is important to clone the imperfections and adjust the colors and tone of the images so that they look perfect. Remove the product from the colored background (if you accidentally clicked on the product) and place it on a new white background to ensure consistency.


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