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E-commerce store operate on a very simple mantra ie product photography. For the success of any online store, it is important to create beautiful images that attract viewers and convince them to buy the product instantly. While research has shown that sales increase when the images are of high quality and also your portal is shared more when it feeds customers with premium images.

The boring and unflattering images create doubts about your brand in the minds of your customers. People are very careful when buying things online, since they can not keep the product before buying, so it is their responsibility to offer them the best when they buy in their store. To take pictures, the camera plays the most important role and then the lighting gives a new dimension to the shots. It is essential that the images look consistent and beautiful when they are loaded into the catalog, so here are four ways to set the lighting during photography.

Dramatic lighting

To create an emotional mood in the images, spectacular lighting is a great way. With this lighting, a beautiful contrasted aspect of the clothing is created and when the final results are looked at, the images look superb. You will see that the light falls from the illuminated side to the lack of light. Be sure to keep the subject's low backlight for perfect results.

Soft lighting

The soft lighting helps to move the model away from the background to create a natural and realistic effect. Because the main focus is on the subject who only holds or uses the model, soft lighting will help maintain precise focus by putting light to highlight details. With this type of lighting, you can cover everything while eliminating the bad shadows. If you want to create different effects on the shooting images, you should experiment with different lighting settings by changing the position of the reflector and other light bulbs. If it is not much, you will get something unique to add to the results.

Neutral lighting

This is the most basic lighting that generally everyone likes. For people who want to see every detail in equal proportion, they can choose neutral lighting, since they can see or show the complete tone of the product. For garments or fashion e-commerce stores, neutral lighting works perfectly since the main objective is to show every inch of detail to the audience to help them make a fair decision on whether to buy the product or not. To achieve this effect, you must maintain the background and foreground lighting equally and at full intensity. Make sure you eliminate any shadow on the floor.


Shadows look bad if customers are distracted while watching the product. As you know, shadows take your attention away, so you should definitely focus on maintaining the perfect light settings in all the senses that suit the requirements of the customers. Make the images pleasant and balanced throughout the online store to maintain a standard.clipping path service
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