Make money with Paypal. 3 methods to generate income on the Internet.

1. Sell your own product.
To make money online you have to sell something, and why not? ... you can sell your own product.

What kind of products?

You can write an eBook about a topic of which you have knowledge. On the Internet there are eBooks on any subject that you can imagine.

You can create a course as a type guide:

WordPress online course.
Course to learn to cook in 15 days.
Excel course.
SEO course online.
Audiovisual marketing course.
Course to learn to speak in public without fear.
Once you have created your product, you only have to create a web page as a landing page and recommend your product on that page.

At the end of the page you will have to place a Paypal button so that your customers can buy your product on your same page instantly.

2. Offering your services.
What types of services can you offer?

Anything you know how to do and that people demand.

Logo design
Creation of webpages.
Documents traduction.
Writing articles
Office work.
Video production
Apps programming.
and I could continue with this list for a while.

As in the previous case, the ideal is to create a web page where you offer your services and the customer can pay for Paypal on the same page.


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