Solutions to the most common skin problems

We come in different sizes and colors, but many of us share the same skin problems. Here solutions for the most frequent annoyances.
"My skin is greasy and scaly"Prevention: Use a facial soap with 2% silicic acid on the forehead, ear and chin, recommends the dermatologist Meghan O'Brien of New York. Skip the cheeks and only rinse them with warm water. Before going to bed, mark the T zone on your face with an exfoliating glycemic serum.Protection: Apply an oil-free sunscreen daily with SPF 30 and hyaluronic acid. This helps moisturize without getting greasy.
"My skin feels tight"Prevention: Hot water and soaps with detergent qualities are good for washing clothes, but they leave the skin very dry, leaving it too clean. Rinse with semi-warm water and use a delicate cleanser that does not remove the natural oils from your face, O 'Brien recommends.Protection: Apply a thick layer of face cream with ceramide on wet skin to trap moisture - as if you were putting a protective layer over your nail polish. In the mornings, apply a second layer of moisturizer with SPF 30.
"I'm a greasy mess at 2 PM"Prevention: Treat a gel-based cleanser (creamy ones are very heavy) with glycemic acid, a powerful exfoliant that penetrates deep to clean oils that may be hidden in your pores. Then apply a matting gel to the skin to absorb the shine, recommends the dermatologist of Nashville, Michael Gold.Protection: The sunscreen remains mandatory. Look for one with avobenzone, which is known to tend to dry out - but in a good way. Before going to bed, apply a retinol serum, which tells the skin to produce less oil.
"I'm red and I'm not blushing"Prevention: Super sensitive skin tends to redden. Avoid soaps with strong detergents. Your best option is a face rinse that says 'soap-free'.Protection: Protect your skin from UV rays with a cream that contains SPF 30 and zinc oxide, an anti-inflammatory that reduces redness, says O'Brien. At night, use a lotion that says hypoallergenic on your label, this means that it is free of irritants.


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