Friendly Babywearing

From newborn to big kid, all you need is this one seat to get you through all the car seat stages. It has four modes—infant rear facing, front-facing toddler chair, highback booster seat and backless booster—and is designed for kiddos from 4 pounds up to 120 pounds. You’ll save time and money not having to swap seats over the years.

Eco-Friendly Babywearing

Solly Baby Wrap - Natural & Grey Stripe
During summer, or in warmer climates, babywearing can make both you and your little one a sweaty mess. But the Solly wrap, a traditional front-carry style, is made from lightweight modal fabric, sustainably sourced from Austrian Beechwood trees, that just gets softer—but stays strong—after each wash. Made for newborns to nine months old (up to 25 lbs.).

Baby Keurig

Baby Brezza Formula Pro - $143.99
Baby Brezza Formula Pro
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Like your favorite coffee machine, the Formula Pro whips up a perfectly warmed and mixed bottle of formula in 30 seconds or less. Select your bottle size, press start and—bam!—the bottle is ready. It’s a lifesaver, especially for midnight feedings, because as we all know, babies aren’t the most patient beings. It stores formula and water for up to 20 bottles.


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